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Life Science Editors Foundation: JEDI AWARDS

EVERYONE DESERVES AN OPPORTUNITY TO SUCCEED. In 2020, we launched the Life Science Editors Foundation (LSEF), a non-profit public charity whose mission is to accelerate equity in science. Our unique team of volunteers includes scientific editors, grant specialists, and researchers who provide “behind-the-scenes” knowledge, valuable coaching and diverse networks.

Our Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI) awards provide scientific or language edits of a scientific manuscript, grant proposal or job application. These awards are offered to scientists facing unfair obstacles to career progression, including but not limited to people from historically underrepresented races or ethnic groups, people from low socioeconomic backgrounds, people with disabilities, women, primary caregivers, people who identify as LGBTQ+, and people in a low or lower-middle income country.

To apply, you must be the first or last author with a completed manuscript, grant or job application ready for editing in any area of experimental biology.

In 2021, we helped 37 JEDI Awardees – please see our Success Stories!


Parental Leave Grants


In 2020, given the crisis of the Coronavirus pandemic, Life Science Editors awarded six Parental Leave Grants to support any parent juggling working-from-home with childcare. We were happy to work with:




Mariana Alves won our 2019 Parental Leave Grant for a new parent who had taken leave during the previous year. Mariana is an internal medicine resident and PhD student in the lab of Dr. Joaquim Ferreira, Faculty of Medicine, University of Lisbon, Portugal. She is studying cardiovascular risk in Parkinson’s Disease. She is also mom to David, 9 months old, and Diana, 3 years old. LSE Editor & Co-founder Helen helped her prepare this manuscript on atrial fibrillation screening in elderly patients.