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Storyboarding and strategy

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Rates for the services below are 139 USD/hour (academic) (250 USD/hour biotech).

Editorial Advice:

Want an editorial perspective without a full scientific edit? We can give you advice on how to frame your story, appeal a decision, craft a response to reviewers, and deal with competitive situations. Our former journal editors and grants specialists use their insider knowledge of the peer review process to advise you. We give you candid, informed and unbiased feedback based on real-life situations. Our ~2.5-3.5 hour “protocol” for advice from one editor can be tailored to your needs. Typically we read your document as an editor or reviewer would (no heads up on the story, very limited time) and highlight strengths, potential weaknesses, and areas that need work. We are also happy to have a zoom session.  You could also request advice from multiple editors.

Javier was fantastic — fast, responsive, and his insights improved our manuscript

Dr. Thomas Leung


We can provide one-on-one coaching to you and your trainees to share our in-depth knowledge about writing, reviewing, publishing, and communicating science. We work with your group to help you achieve goals like submitting manuscripts and grants, and giving talks. We guide you through the process and build your skills. Please contact us at to discuss your needs.



We can help you better pitch your science to evaluation committees and reviewers by giving you feedback on your upcoming talks to improve clarity and impact, and prepare you for answering tough questions. We can help with presentations for conferences, grant interviews (i.e. HHMI, Pioneer Awards), job talks etc.



You can recruit one of our editors at the earlier stages of research design to help define projects that can be translated into high level publications or competitive grant proposals.  Please contact us at to discuss your needs.