Quality cover art, schematics and figures to accentuate your data

Our illustrators have strong scientific backgrounds and extensive experience producing illustrations and figures. They understand journal preferences and know what formats/styles work best. They are ideally suited to produce sophisticated visuals such as graphical abstracts, cover art, schematics, slides and posters that effectively present your science. See some examples below.

Rates: We charge an hourly rate of $80. You can find the estimated range of costs for different services on our price list.

Please first discuss your budget if you have one, so we can work most efficiently (see tips).

Important Information

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Please see our Terms and Conditions for full details.

Briefly, for pure data figures, we generally transfer all rights to the author free of charge. For other artwork, we retain copyright so that we can re-use common components (e.g., cells and DNA) in other illustrations and protect the quality of the original image. For this, we provide a free standard license for use of the unmodified, final illustration with mandatory attribution. An unlimited license (fee may apply) may be available upon request for unlimited use and modification of the electronic file.


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