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Our scientific editing is tailored to your needs and budget. The rate for a Scientific Edit is $139/hr (academic) or $225/hr (biotech).

Our language editing rate is $0.11/word (academic) or $0.20/word (biotech).

Edits are generally completed within 10 business days. Rush requests of <3 days can sometimes be accommodated, but add 20% to the base rate. (All prices indicated in USD)

Scientific Editing:

By leveraging our unique insights and experience as former journal editors, grant writers and reviewers we can enhance the impact of your manuscripts, grant proposals, job applications etc

Manuscripts: We can help at all stages of the process. Our edits may include: highlighting key results, rationalizing the work to accentuate impact, ensuring the story is complete and the data are sufficient, rearranging the flow to improve readability, logic and interest, pre-empting potential concerns from referees and editors, developing the cover letter to encourage review, strengthening revisions to fully address issues raised by the editor and referees. We typically take 7-12 hours to edit a full manuscript, depending on the length and the extent of edits required. We also edit cover letters, rebuttals, and point-by-point responses.

Grant Proposals: We edit grant proposals for all funding bodies including NSF, NIH (e.g., Research Grants and Program Project/Center Grants), and ERC. Our edits emphasize the significance and innovation, accentuate the potential impact, verify that the aims support the hypothesis/objective of the proposal, ensure that the proposed experiments fully address the aims, and clearly state the predicted outcomes, pitfalls and alternatives. We typically take 1-2 hours/page (e.g. of an R01 proposal).

Language Editing:

Our Language Editors have extensive research and editing experience. They focus on improving readability, clarity, spelling and grammar. 

Notes on process:

Your manuscript will be returned with edited changes and comments tracked in Word. editing-process