Editing Services

Life Science Editors will help you achieve your publishing and funding goals.

We offer two levels of services:

  • a Scientific Edit by an Editor (former journal editor, Ph.D.)



Scientific Edit:

We leverage our unique experience reading and handling manuscripts at the top journals to your benefit. We have made hundreds of editorial decisions and know what journal editors and referees are looking for. Our rate for a Scientific Edit is $125/hr (academia) or $175/hr (biotech), with a 10% discount for new clients. 

Manuscript Editing

We edit first submissions, revisions, rebuttals, responses to reviewers, and cover letters. Our average price for academics is $800-$1000/manuscript (with the 10% introductory discount). Our edit is tailored to your needs and may include:

  1. Highlighting key results.
  2. Maximizing impact of the title and abstract to make a strong first impression.
  3. Rationalizing the work to accentuate impact.
  4. Ensuring the story is complete and the data are sufficient.
  5. Arranging the flow to improve readability, logic and interest.
  6. Preempting referee and editor concerns.
  7. Developing the cover letter to help convince an editor to review the paper.
  8. Strengthening revisions and rebuttals to fully address issues raised by the editor and referees.

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Grant Proposal Editing

We edit grant proposals for all funding bodies. We have extensive experience editing proposals for NSF, NIH (including Research Grants and Program Project/Center Grants), ERC etc. Our average price for academics is $1100-$1700 for a 13-page proposal (i.e. R01 Specific Aims and Research Strategy) or $1700-2200 for a 20-page proposal (ERC B1 and B2) (with the 10% introductory discount). Our edit:

  1. Clarifies and promotes the significance and innovation.
  2. Accentuates the potential impact both in and outside the field.
  3. Verifies that the aims support the hypothesis and/or objective of the proposal.
  4. Develops the aims and ensures the proposed experiments fully address them.
  5. Ensures predicted outcomes, pitfalls and alternatives are clearly stated.
  6. Tailors the proposal to the grant call.

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Language Edit:

Alternatively, we can focus on the readability of your manuscript or grant proposal. Our language edit will simplify sentences, and ensure correct spelling and grammar. This service is $0.10/word (academic) or $0.14/word (biotech). 

Notes on process:

Your manuscript will be returned with edited changes and comments tracked in Word. editing-process


Edits are generally completed within 5-10 business days. Shorter turnarounds (<72 hours) are possible, with a 15% charge.


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