Working with LSE has been a wonderful experience – learning with every paper new ways to convey with efficiency and clarity the exciting findings from our research, seen through the eyes of outstanding professional editors.

Accentuate Impact, Enhance Significance, Improve Clarity

We offer three levels of editing tailored to your needs and budget. Edits are generally completed within 7 to 10 business days. Rush requests incur a 20% fee.

Language Edit
Correct language & grammar
Particularly suited for texts written by non-native English speakers.
Performed by an Associate Editor
Our Associate Editors have extensive research and editing experience. They focus on improving sentence syntax, spelling and grammar. 
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Structural Edit
New Service!
Improve clarity & readability, highlight significance & impact
Ideal for authors needing writing support to communicate their research more effectively.
Performed by an Associate Editor
Our Associate Editors have extensive research and editing experience. They ensure clear and effective communication of your research by improving brevity, readability, and flow. 
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Scientific Edit
Unique to LSE
Expand impact, peer review preparation & editorial assessment
Ideal for authors aiming for a high impact publication or competitive grant.
Provides feedback on the science, and improves clarity and readability.
Performed by a former-journal editor or grant specialist.
Our former-journal editors and grants specialists have extensive experience in research, editing, scientific publishing and peer review. They leverage their unique insights to increase the impact of your work.
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  • Everything! We edit manuscripts, grant proposals, job applications, cover letters, responses to reviewers, rebuttals etc.

  • Reviews and more specialized papers are well-suited for structural edits, whereas if you’re aiming for a high impact journal we would suggest a scientific edit. If you would like feedback on your document without a full edit, we offer that too! If you’re not sure, send us an email and we can help you.

  • Language editing costs $0.11/word (academic price). The cost of structural editing and scientific editing is based on time and depends on the length of the document and the extent of edits required. For a standard-length manuscript, structural edits generally cost $800-$1000 and scientific edits generally cost $1000-$1700 (academic prices). Grants tend to take longer and thus cost more.

  • It depends on our availability. We state 7 to 10 business days, but we are often quicker. Please discuss your timelines directly with the editor and we will try to accommodate them.

  • Once you have submitted your documents, you will be paired with an editor. They will email you to discuss your needs and timelines, then perform the edit and email it back to you upon completion.

  • We will send you an invoice upon completion of the work. You can pay by direct bank transfer or, upon request, by credit card (with a fee). Please note that we cannot accept checks.

  • Yes, you can indicate a preference in the comments box on the submission form. We will try to accommodate requests but it may extend the turnaround time or may not be possible.

  • You can indicate your budget in the comments box on the submissions page and discuss it with the editor.

  • Yes, we can do this if you select a Scientific Edit. Please ask the editor directly.

  • We can check those for you if needed. They are charged at the same hourly rate but typically take less time to edit, and have a 7 to 10 day turnaround.