Guy Riddihough was an outstanding editor at Science Magazine. Now, all of his experience is with Life Science Editors. I had an enormously positive experience with Guy in completing our last manuscript for submission. I will be back.

Angela made the impossible possible. Thanks to her knowledge and effective communication skills, she helped us put together an R01 submission within a month of the deadline. This grant has also been funded at first submission. This experience convinced me that a team approach with Angela is the way forward in submitting grants!

Helen, you were so phenomenal as an editor for the journals, … now we get to work more closely and that is priceless.

It has been wonderful to work with Brandi. With just a few guidelines from our side, she greatly improved our manuscript in no time. I am looking forward to using Life Science Editors’ services again in the future!

Working with Angela and Helen has been a wonderful experience – learning with every paper new ways to convey with efficiency and clarity the exciting findings from our research, seen through the eyes of outstanding professional editors.

The project is exceptionally well-written… The presentation of the application positively affected the review.

Angela’s advice and experience were invaluable for us- first in sharpening our initial manuscript submission and cover letter, and then later, she was also able to coach us through the review and post-review process. She helped us dramatically improve the clarity and impact of the paper. Working with Angela, you get to make a ‘first submission’ to a seasoned editor–and then have extensive feedback/suggestions and a chance to adjust the paper before entering the review process.

Thank you, Helen! We have substantially overhauled the paper following your recommendations

As an assistant professor, I was very nervous about our first publication. You not only helped us with general editing and organization of the manuscript, but provided an unbiased, in depth scientific perspective to pitch the story to reach a broader audience.

Your perspective proved invaluable in our manuscript and grant submissions. At times, we have ignored some of your suggestions – at our own peril! Invariably, reviewers raised the same issues. We therefore take to heart all your input.

Thank you very much for the thorough editing. This was very useful and I will use your service again in the future!

Helen – thanks so much for your edits!  You are awesome!

You engage with the science in addition to simple grammatical editing. You point out fallacies in study design, techniques and whether the arguments are succinct and the flow is coherent. Your edited grants flow much better … The draft becomes lucid yet concise. I think your edits are worth every penny and more. Whether submitting a high impact factor manuscript or a complex multi-year grant, Life Science Editors are superb in their editing skills.

I feel fortunate to be referred to Dr. Angela Andersen by one of my colleagues for manuscript editing service. Although I used several other editing services before, I am particularly impressed by Dr. Andersen’s unique approach and high quality of editing. She reviewed the instruction of a specific journal and edited my manuscript accordingly. She not only revised my manuscript with her excellent editing skills but also was willing to spend time to understand the scientific topic. As a result, she suggested elegant sentences and phrases appropriate for the topic throughout the manuscript. Dr. Andersen even read one of my previous publications and pointed out that I should modify one of the schematic illustrations to highlight the conceptual advance in the manuscript. She revised the cover letter of my manuscript with drastic improvements and a much better flow to highlight the concept advance and scientific breakthrough. She is quite informative about the expected turnaround time of her editing, which took only 1-3 days. Of all my experiences with different editing services, hers is the best in term of editing quality, value, interaction and responsiveness. I strongly recommend Life Science Editors.

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