Meet the Editors – Sabbi

Why did you become an independent editor?

I really want to use the skills and insight I gained as an editor to help people publish strong papers that communicate their science effectively.

What do you like most about editing a paper?

The discussions with scientists about the paper, and helping to make the work accessible to scientists and experts beyond the author’s immediate field.

What do you like least?

Not really applicable!

What is your top tip for writing the best paper?

Don’t assume that readers will just roll with or ‘pick up’ the meaning of jargon and abbreviations. By keeping this in mind, you can expand the readership of your paper to well beyond the audience that already knows the jargon of your field.

What is the most common mistake people make when writing their paper?

Missing key features that make for a strong abstract/summary.

When Sabbi is not editing, she enjoys teaching/practicing yoga and podcasting!