Meet the Editors – Li-Kuo

Why did you become an independent editor?

When I was an academic researcher, I authored/co-authored about 30 papers and book chapters, and reviewed manuscripts and grant proposals. I was then the Editor-in-Chief of Cancer Cell for over 16 years until my retirement. I now want to apply my broad experience in and perspective of scientific publishing to help scientists effectively communicate their research. I also enjoy editing and staying engaged with the research community.

What do you like most about editing a paper?

I enjoy the science behind the paper and helping the authors to present their results effectively and precisely.

What do you like least?

When the data do not match their description in the paper.

What is your top tip for writing the best paper?

Enlist the reviewers and editors to help you publish your paper. You can do this by preparing the paper from the perspective of the readers (which initially means the reviewers and editors). Determine the key points you want to make and make sure that the science and its presentation are clear and logical.

What is the most common mistake people make when writing their paper?

The opposite to my answer to the last question – a common error is that the authors do not engage or sufficiently consider the readers, editors and reviewers.

When Li-Kuo is not editing, he enjoys reading, mainly history, culture, and science in general.