Meet the Editors – Guy

Why did you become an independent editor?

I now work to help authors get published. As an editor at Science and
Nature, where less than one in ten papers are published, I spent a
substantial part of my time telling the other more than nine out of ten
authors why they could not be published in those journals. I want to add
something positive to science, rather than act as a road-block.

What do you like most about editing a paper?

Helping the authors convey the excitement they feel about their work
within the rather dry and rigorous confines of a scientific narrative.

What do you like least?

Hearing that a paper I have helped authors edit has been rejected by a
journal that we all felt the paper was suitable for.

What is your top tip for writing the best paper?

Clarity and brevity.

What is the most common mistake people make when writing their paper?

Falling in love with the minutiae of the experiments they worked so hard
to complete.