Meet the Editors – Carol

Why did you become an independent editor?

Working as an independent editor allows me to combine all my past experience and expertise as a researcher, writer, editor and in science publishing. Also, working often with researchers whose mother tongue is not English, I appreciate how difficult it can be for many to present their work in a second language. It is yet another barrier to publication. I hope I can help level the playing field a little for these scientists.

What do you like most about editing a paper?

I like really getting to grips with a topic, understanding the points that the authors are trying to make and helping them to express their story simply and clearly.

What do you like least?

Nothing! I like it all!

What is your top tip for writing the best paper?

Know what you want to say. Make a plan before you start writing. Start with the Figures and Results. (That’s three tips!)

What is the most common mistake people make when writing their paper?

They don’t do the three things above!

When Carol is not editing, she helps run a community grocery store in her village. Carol enjoys sailing, singing and swing dancing.