Li-Kuo Su Ph.D.


2003-2019 Editor-In-Chief, Cancer Cell.


1995-2003 Assistant Professor, University of  Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center 

1993-1994 Research Associate, The  Johns  Hopkins  University School  of  Medicine 

1991-1993 Research Fellow (Oncology), The  Johns  Hopkins  University School  of  Medicine, Dr. Bert Vogelstein 

1989-1991 Post-Doctoral  Fellow (Tumor Suppressors), Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Dr. Ed Harlow 

1984-1989 Ph.D. (Molecular Biology), University of  Pennsylvania, Dr. Tom Kadesch 

1978-1980 M.S. (Molecular Biology), National  Tsing-Hua  University, Taiwan 

1974-1978 B.S. (Pharmacy), Taipei  Medical  College (then)/Taipei  Medical  University (now), Taiwan 


2000-2001 Tumor Cell  Biology Review  Committee, The  Susan G. Komen Breast  Cancer Foundation 

1996 Molecular Biology 5 Review  Panel, Department  of  Defense  Breast  Cancer Research Program 

1990-1992 Post-doctoral  fellowship, Damon Runyon-Walter Winchell  Foundation. 


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